Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2017

by Jun 6, 2017Designs & Designers

Modern bathrooms have evolved from basic spaces where we do the usual routines of washing, to therapeutic sanctuaries where we spend time detoxing and rejuvenating. With the right planning and design skill you too can create an awesome bathroom.

Creative bathroom renovation ideas can also significantly increase your home’s value. Not to mention they give your friends and folk that ‘at home feel’ whenever they come over.

But, how do you get it right? How can you tell emerging trends versus old ones?

We’ve combined five of the best bathroom renovation ideas for 2017. So get comfy and get ready to indulge.

Upsize the Tiles and Go Large

An emerging favourite of current bathroom renovation ideas is the use of large-format tiling. It’s not just the aesthetics that take it home, rather, it’s a trend motivated by grout. The ease of fewer cleaning areas with grout makes large format tiling practical. Plus, they are amazingly attractive.

Popular materials include quartzite or dolomitic marble which has an eye-catching grey with white veins. It wears well and is an excellent material to add to your bathroom renovation ideas.

Another benefit of the large tiles is that you create the illusion of more space. A handy idea for your small bathroom renovations.

However, take note that large-format tiles require a sturdy substrate which increase your costs of remodelling.

Let There Be Light!

One of the most powerful ways of converting a bathroom from a space of routine procedures to a potent stress reliever is with the use of lighting.

Play around with bathroom renovation ideas that give you a place that can be bright and cheery in the daytime, and can change to produce a calming haven at the end of the day.

To achieve this effect, you may consider including sensor lights, LED strips beneath the joinery, mood lights or dimmable lights in your bathroom. A ceiling window can also add natural light too from both the sun and the stars or moon on certain nights.

Experiment with Darker Colours in Your Bathroom Renovation Ideas

After decades of seeing predominantly bright white bathrooms with chrome and porcelain finishes, people are finally being more adventurous. Now you will see homeowners becoming more confident with bringing in darker finishes to their bathroom space. Natural, organic looking finishes, which blend into a natural stone or timber colours are making their way into bathroom renovation ideas in 2017.

Play with the hues of the neutral colours such as grey and beige in your bathroom renovation ideas. When correctly done, they ooze luxury and relaxation whilst adding an elegant atmosphere to any space.

Be Bold on the Tapware and Showerheads

Outdoor rain showerhead with water coming down.Brass tapware is an emerging trend in modern bathroom renovation ideas this year, It produces stunning outcomes and gives you plenty of flexibility in styling choices. Alternatively, go for black fixtures and fittings. They make a bold statement of confidence and continue to awe guests.

Regarding shower heads, the soft flowing waterfall sensation and luxurious aesthetic charm given by rain shower heads is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on for your bathroom renovation ideas.

Go Au Naturel

Draw some inspiration from the biggest creator, Nature! Nature can be the best source of bathroom renovation ideas for 2017 and beyond.

Invite nature not only into your living room and study but also into your bathroom by adding plants such as orchids or wall mounted stag-horns. If you have a larger space in your bathroom, you can fill it with a large feature plant to create an exotic spa ambience.

Get Creative

In conclusion, your bathroom renovation ideas should revolve around your creativity, functionality and character. The ideas mentioned above are but just a tip of the iceberg. Leverage these and other creative ideas from professional companies such as NuDesign Bathroom Renovations.

Great bathroom renovation ideas don’t just trend, they are timeless.

Need More Ideas for Your Bathroom Design Makeover?

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