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How To Renovate A Bathroom - Step by Step Process

A hand working on a sink faucet.

Renovating a bathroom is a lot more complicated than just pulling a tub out and sliding a new one in.

There's a step-by-step process you need to follow to ensure that everything is installed optimally, and deviating from the process will likely leave you with lacklustre results.

At NuDesign, we're the bathroom renovation pros, and we've set up this step-by-step guide to walk you through the renovation process properly.

Let's get started.

A couple wearing helmets while doing some DIY renovations.

Planning & Design

Before you make any changes to your bathroom, you need to know what result you're looking for. This will help guide your decisions and separate the project into bite-sized chunks instead of a haphazard rush to finish.

Take the time to figure out your end goal. Think about features you want to include and potentially what you don't want to. Also, consider your current lifestyle and that of the users of the bathroom.

For example, do you, or do you plan on having kids, will they use this bathroom? Will guests use this bathroom or is it a private ensuite that should have a romantic feel to it? Are you just looking to modernise the features?

Finally, make sure you understand the budget you have available to spend on your bathroom renovation. Check out this guide to help you understand how much you will need.

Answering these questions will help create a theme and with this, all future decisions should be aligned with this goal.

A construction blueprint for a renovation.

Calculated Demolition

Once you know what you want the finished product to look like, you need to make a clean slate to work with. Bathroom demolition can be a fun part of the process, but it is highly dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Begin this process by turning off power to the bathroom from your home's switchboard. It's not enough to just flip the bathroom switch.

You need to completely disable every bit of wiring in the area. You don't want to swing a sledgehammer through a wall filled with live wires.

Also, disconnect your plumbing and shut off your bathroom's water supply, too. If you don't, expect a flood.

Now, get to work. Ripping up tile, removing fixtures, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and everything else takes place in this phase.

If you plan on reusing or selling anything, try to exercise some caution. Also, it's important to wear proper safety gear and handle every tool properly.

An empty space striped with floor and walls befpre a renovation.

Reroute Wiring & Plumbing

With a clean slate and easy access now is the time to install new wiring and plumbing if the layout of the bathroom is changing.

This step may not be needed if there is no major remodelling. However, with most complete bathroom renovations, some changes will be needed.

While you may be able to change taps, showerheads and faucets yourself, performing work on plumbing or sewerage lines or any electrical changes must be handled by licensed professionals.

A plumber going through sink faucet installation.


This is a critical part of the process as without adequate waterproofing you can easily cause water damage to the rest of your property.

The problem is that such water damage can go unnoticed for years before being discovered. This is because from the outside everything looks fine, but behind the walls, or underneath the floor water is causing damage.

When this happens, and by the time you discover the issue it can be tremendously expensive to repair. For this reason, it is best to get the job done right at the start.

A sink with an open faucet and stock water.

Install The Main Fixtures

Next, it is time to install the main fixtures which may include a bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink. Of course, this will be dependent on your final design plans.

These features should be installed before you install other, smaller features.

This will allow you to lay tile around the fixtures with precision rather than laying them down first and then having to remove chunks to install your main fixtures.

Features that go underneath your flooring, such as heated floor systems, should also be installed during this stage.

A bathroom undergoing renovation with uninstalled bathtub and other fixtures.

Wall & Floor Tiling

Now that your main features are installed, lay your tiles down and ensure that every tile is aligned properly without noticeable gaps.

It will also be necessary to cut tiles with precision to perfectly line them up with your main features. Also when tiling the floor ensure correct angles are used for water runoff to the drains.

While many DIYers take on tiling, this is one job that is best left to an experienced and professional tiler. These professionals ensure the tiles' placement, levelling and positioning are spot on.

White porcelain tile with stack of toilet papers.

Painting & Wallpaper

Once your tiles are installed, you are ready to either paint the walls and ceiling or install wallpaper.

When choosing paint, make sure to choose mould-resistant paint. Mould and mildew thrive in wet areas like bathrooms, but these speciality paints prevent them from growing.

Make sure to use paint mats and painter's tape to protect your main features, tiles and flooring, but don't worry too much. Most tiles are usually easy to clean if a little paint gets on them.

A paint can with blue paint and roller brush.

Install Minor Fittings

Finally, you're ready to install minor features such as mirrors, towel racks, safety bars, and cabinetry.

At this point, you are pretty much done. A final look over to make any final touchups, then the final part is turning the power and water back on.

Congratulations! Your bathroom is ready to use.

A modern bathroom design with innovative rack designs.

Contact The Pros

As you can see there are a few steps involved when renovating a bathroom.

Without the experience, it is easy to make simple mistakes that can lead to costly repairs down the track. Avoid any mishaps by getting the professionals involved.

At NuDesign Bathroom Renovations, we provide professional designs and then handle all renovation work. From demolition to final clean-up. Talk with us today.

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