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Luxury Bathroom Renovations Sydney

  • Remodels & Makeovers
  • Professional Designers
  • 30+ Years Experience
Leverage the beauty of elegance and luxury.
Free standing bathtub overlooking the water from a luxury bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Renovators in Sydney

Beautiful bathroom with white bathtub and glass shower

Luxury bathrooms showcase the joy and abundance of life through their upscale vanities, fixtures and gigantic spaces.

They embody the perfect balance between minimalist design, luxurious fixtures, and careful planning resulting in stunning aesthetics.

But let's face it, despite the simplicity of luxury designs, perfecting them takes expertise and years of experience.

Want your very own luxury bath? Our team of professional designers and highly skilled renovators is exactly what you need. Let's talk.

Custom Designs

With a keen eye for detail and years of experience. We leverage your full space for efficiency, style and wow factor.

Premium Materials

Gain access to the best vanities, fittings and fixtures. From free standing baths to large tiles and full lenght wall mirrors.

Experienced Team

We provide professional designers, renovators, and licensed tradesmen for a flawless finish.
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Beautiful Designs & Workmanship

  • Single & Multi-Storey
  • Homes & Apartments
  • Residential & Commercial
Client and designer meeting looking over plans and options.

Talented Designers

Present your inspiration and talk to us about your ideas. Let our team of talented designers come up with a luxurious design that matches your desires. They will also help you navigate through the difficult tasks of mixing and matching vanities, fixtures, and fittings that'll fit your space.

One Company Handles All

Skip the trouble of having to coordinate two teams while still having to choose the right fixtures that go into your bathroom. Let one company handle everything from conceptualizing and designing to demolition and renovation. Plus, enjoy access to some of the best fixtures and vanities in the market.

Very stylish and unique bathroom design with a mix of large and small black and white tiles.
A bathroom with contemporary modern design.

Functional & Elegant 

Having sparkling floors, seamless bathtubs, and elegant vanities is great. But we want to take it a step further and incorporate function into our design. Our bathroom makeovers assure you of functionality while bringing out the elegance of luxury for a picture-perfect bath.

Leverage the Natural Beauty of Luxury

Our talented designers and skilled renovators are ready to bring out the elegance within your space
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