Bathroom Renovations in Leichhardt – the Do’s and Don’ts

by Oct 23, 2017Makeovers & Renovations

Named after the famous Australian explorer, Ludwig Leichhardt, Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Leichhardt has developed into a bustling neighbourhood. Today, it is famed for its rich Italian heritage and architecture that’s filled with European flavor and style. Are you are thinking of doing bathroom renovations in Leichhardt? Why not consider transforming to an exotic look, much like famous Italian artwork.

A bathroom remodeled by an expert team such as us, will not only remove the stress from yourself, but will also create a masterpiece for your home. On the other hand your bathroom could be bodged by amateurish workmanship or a lack of planning.

To prevent you of any mishaps, here are some key Do’s and Don’ts when undertaking bathroom renovations in Leichhardt.

Do Plan for the Unexpected and Budget for it

Choose an experienced bathroom renovations company in Leichhardt such as NuDesign Bathroom Renovations. We can conduct an initial assessment of your home. Our decades of experience also allows us to locate many hidden issues such as concealed water damage.

If you plan on doing it yourself, it is a good idea to budget for an extra 10-15%. This may be needed for any unexpected expenses. Having this in your plan from the start can allow you to keep your project going.

Do Select and Create Appropriate Surfaces

Grooming is the primary activity in the washroom and bathroom’s surfaces are meant to facilitate this. Not only should they contribute to the aesthetics, but they are also intended to be sturdy.

While porcelain tiles are a favourite for floors, bathroom sinks and walls; more bathroom renovations in leichhardt are using granite and quartz on their counter-tops. Choosing this style allows for perfect integration with your vanity. These surfaces also have an aesthetic appeal and do not scratch easily. Giving you much more durability.

Do Ensure there is Provision for Sufficient Light and Airflow

Moisture is bad news for your bathroom. It breeds mould and mildew and destroys your otherwise excellently finished surfaces. Ventilation is your best guard against this destroyer. If you have a steam shower installed consider a humidity sensor linked with the fan. This is a clever way to keep your bathroom’s moisture levels in check.

As for the lighting, aim to bring in as much natural illumination into your bathroom. Choose brighter colors on your walls and put up mirrors, to reflect more light. This gives your Leichhardt bathroom a more spacious feel.

Don’t be in a Hurry

As with any other location, bathroom renovations in Leichhardt can take several weeks of active project work to complete. This is not even taking into account the research, conceptualization and planning time.

Unfortunately the inconveniences of ongoing construction in your home coupled with the excitement of a new bathroom often drives the temptation to rush the process. You must however, resist this urge to rush things and avoid being sloppy.

If you are a DIY’er, ensure you stick to manufacturer’s instructions. If you choose a professional, ensure they have adequate time so they too are not forced to rush things which may lead to poor planning or installation errors.

It is important to note that we always provide upfront time-frames with you. We also never accept jobs that do not allow adequate time to complete all desired work. This prevents us form rushing our work to ensure superior quality results for every project we take on.

Don’t Move Major Plumbing (if you want to keep costs down)

To lower your expenses, stick to bathroom renovation plans that don’t require shifting of the major plumbing lines. For example don’t plan on migrating the toilet from one end of your bathroom to the other. This will require relocating the drain line which is costly, requires licensed personnel and can increase your costs by thousands.

Don’t take Shortcuts on Essential Materials or Skilled Labour

Know which materials you can make savings on and which ones you can’t. When dealing with piping and surfaces, go for materials that give warranties against leaks and stains. You may notice these aren’t found on the quick sale side of the store.

We know some may find it exciting to do things yourself. And it can reduce costs quite significantly. But if you choose this path ensure you keep a sober head and leave the complicated stuff to the professionals.

Here’s a rule of thumb for you. Anything that involves electrical and plumbing is by law required to be completed by a licensed professional.

Follow these quick pointers and you too can enjoy a great bathroom renovation in Leichhardt. Go on, give your home a deserving Italian centerpiece. Contact us now for a free assessment and quote.

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