Laundry Renovations

Like it or not, you spend a great deal of time washing your clothes, towels, bed sheets and other linens.

You owe it to yourself to have a practical and efficient workspace in your home to carry out these tasks. Maybe it’s time for a laundry renovation?

While some people choose a laundromat to take care of their dirty laundry, this takes time, effort and money that could be better spent in life. Instead invest in a laundry renovation to save time and money in the long run.

While not the most glamorous of activities, a laundry makeover can make this daily (or weekly) activity more enjoyable.

Also modern domestic laundries can be hidden away with intelligent design and only called upon when required.

Practical Laundry Designs for The Modern World

Half a century ago a household laundry required a large room in your home. A place where you could fit a multitude of devices for washing, drying, ironing and storing clothes and other garments.

While big laundries are still great to have in large family homes they are not essential these days. Fortunately for residents in small Sydney homes laundry options are now more accessible.

Washing machines are smaller and can even be combined with a dryer to reduce the space required for both appliances.

With clever design concepts a washing machine may be hidden behind sliding doors in a hallway with a small sink build next to it. You can even add a foldaway ironing board that pulls out from the wall.

Before you know it you have a fully functional laundry that can be hidden away out of sight from guests and visitors.

Looking to add or renovate your laundry? Consider what features you want to include in your laundry renovation. Then talk with our bathroom and laundry designers today. Here are some options to think about:

Clothes Washing Machine

Top Loader or Front Loader to suit your Laundry Design.

Clothes Wash Tub or Basin

Soak and scrub hard to remove stains before washing.

Indoor Clothes Rack or Line

Indoor clothes drying options for when it’s raining.

Clothes Dryer

Dry clothes, towels and bed sheets fast without hang drying.

Iron & Ironing Board

Remove wrinkles from clothing after washing and drying.

Towel & Linen Storage

Perfect storage areas to organise your home and laundry.

Custom Laundry Renovations to Suit Your Home

Our expert design team will help you create the perfect laundry renovation plans suited to you and your home.

If space is not on your side we can create a custom layout to perfectly fit your appliances. In such cases we will need to know if you prefer a front or top loader washing machine and if you want a wall hanging dryer.

You may also choose to incorporate your laundry with an existing bathroom or even your kitchen. Of course you also want to make sure you have adequate space for storing ironing facilities, towels and bed linens.

For this reason sometimes it is more appropriate to remodel and renovate your homes bathrooms, laundry and kitchen at the same time. Our experienced designers will ensure a fluid and consistent approach is maintained throughout each of these areas of your home.

Once you are happy with our laundry renovation plans we will get to work. By only using superior quality materials in all our renovations we ensure they will serve you well, year after year. As always our quality of work is of utmost importance.

Get a Fully Functional Laundry with a Complete Makeover

Have fun doing the laundry with an innovative laundry renovation designed for you and your home.