What You Need to Understand Before Installing a New Bathroom

by Feb 19, 2018Makeovers & Renovations

Decisions for installing a new bathroom or renovating an existing one are often a matter of necessity rather than convenience. As the family grows and children mature, the need for an extra or larger bathroom becomes more pertinent.

When installing a new bathroom, the decision needs to be thoroughly thought-out and well informed. Below are important specifics everybody ought to understand about installing a new bathroom.

Cost of Installing a New Bathroom

Before you embark on installing a new bathroom, establish how much it costs. Ensure you also consider how much you should expect to pay if you hire professional tradespeople and the market costs of supplies.

The average cost for installing a new bathroom in Sydney is about $15,000 for a standard room. If working with a limited budget, you could squeeze it to as little as $7,000, but $10,00 would get you a much better job which is well worth the few extra thousand.

If you want a more upscale bathroom with many designer amenities such as customized drawer bases for vanities, a whirlpool tub, radiant floor heat or even heated towel racks, the price goes up. You can expect to part with as much as $30,000 or more.

Think about Tomorrow

The decision for installing a new bathroom should heavily consider your plans. If you don’t plan to sell the home, remember that at an advanced age you may have problems accessing bathrooms located on other floors

Also, if you’re yet to have children and planning to do so, keep in mind that bathtubs work better with kids as opposed to a fancy shower with an overhead shower fixture.

Compliance with Existing Building Codes

Have an inspection of your property performed before proceeding with installing a new bathroom.

Building codes often specify the minimum requirements for bathrooms. The clearance in and around toilets and bathroom sinks is a frequently checked area.

Also, in homes older than 25 years the sewage disposal is likely to be made from cast iron pipe. Today, standard PVC pipes are used in line with state and local codes. This means that you can’t tap into the existing plumbing without replacing it.

Make sure you find a licensed and qualified renovator such as NuDesign Bathroom Renovations who complies with the local codes or you might have to re-do the entire installation.

To conclude, installing a new bathroom can have an exciting or frustrating outcome. When you understand the specifics mentioned above, you’re en route for a much more pleasant experience.

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