Custom Designer Bathrooms

NuDesign bathroom renovations make the task of designing your new bathroom completely hassle free.

As part of our renovation process we provide a professional bathroom designer dedicated to your project.

Leverage our bathroom designers years of renovation experience to formulate a creative and practical solution that meets your requirements.

Want to Completely Remodel Your Bathroom?

Drawing plans for a bathroom showing tiling, bathtub, sink and toilet.Some outdated bathroom designs lose their functionality in our modern fast-paced lives. Poor layouts lead to wasted space and often look plain ugly.

Overcome bad bathroom designs by completely remodelling your bathroom.

In some cases we can use the existing plumbing to swap the locations of your bath, shower, sink and even toilet.

More extreme makeovers require demolishing the existing plumbing and laying new pipes altogether.

No matter what your requirements are, we have surely dealt with them before.

We know the cost efficient ways of reaching your desired outcome, without cutting corners. Always maintaining a high quality of workmanship we provide bathroom renovations that are both practical and outstanding.

Custom Designer Bathrooms Exclusively For You

Our passionate bathroom designers are highly specialised at what they do. Each project is treated like a piece of art and as such is given the exact amount of time and dedication required to bring it to life.

By patiently spending time with you to develop your renovation plans we are able to produce exactly what you desire, including:

Beautiful Bathrooms

Gorgeous and attractive.

Comfortable Bathrooms

User friendly for you and your guests.

Luxurious Bathrooms

Decadent features fit for a celebrity.

Custom Bathroom Designs

Customised to you and your lifestyle.

Professional Bathroom Designs

Outstanding quality.

Unique Bathroom Designs

One-of-a-kind crafted to your liking.

Traditional Bathrooms

Elegant and sophisticated.

Modern Bathrooms

Popular and stylish.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Creative and daring.

Bathroom Design Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS!

The further you get into a bathroom renovation design the more decisions begin to mount up.

Which bathroom layout to choose, which colour scheme, what materials, what tiles, how to arrange the lighting, which bath, which shower screen, which fittings and fixtures, will you choose white or chrome finishes, will you include wood, plastic, marble…. The list of choices seems endless!

Not only can this mammoth list of bathroom renovation options be draining, it only begs the question “where to begin?”.

NuDesign bathroom renovations are on your side.

Rest assured our experienced and patient bathroom designers are here to support you through this intense decision making process.

By not having our own bathware products we are not biased with which products or materials we recommend. We do however have years of renovation experience that you can benefit from.

Knowing your budget and desired design style we provide the pros and cons of choosing various options available to you. Also we know what won’t work during the renovation process and will provide suitable alternatives to ensure the end result is truly flawless.

Achieve complete peace of mind with a custom bathroom design from NuDesign when you choose us as your bathroom renovator.

Custom Designs for the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Our professional Sydney bathroom designers and renovators are ready to create a masterpiece for you.