How to Achieve a Successful Bathroom Rebuild in Sydney

by Jun 20, 2017Makeovers & Renovations

Not happy with the current design or layout of your bathroom? There are plenty of simple changes that can be made to a bathroom to give it a new look but only with a complete redesign, demolition and bathroom rebuild can you achieve a complete makeover transformation.

There are many reasons to renovate a bathroom. The quest is often to enhance the value of one’s property or purely increase your standard of living. A bathroom rebuild however is often reserved for times when a partial renovation just won’t cut it.

A bathroom rebuild will easily allow you to do all of the following:

  • Rearrange the walls and door/s locations
  • Change the plumbing to better place the shower, bath or sinks
  • Add or remove windows
  • Lower or raise the ceiling
  • Install skylights

When you want to dramatically increase your bathroom’s appearance and add a “fresh” new look and feel, a bathroom rebuild may be just what you need. But how do you achieve a successful bathroom rebuild project? Follow these simple steps:

1. Purpose

The whole project starts here, identifying what the bathroom’s purpose it for. For example will the bathroom be needed for elderly people or young kids? Will it be a hidden ensuite for a master bedroom or a commonly used guest and family bathroom?

The purpose of the bathroom will help guide every subsequent decision from this point on. As long as the decisions are made inline with the bathrooms purpose you will stay on track to a successful bathroom redesign.

2. Style

Is there any particular theme or design style you are trying to achieve? What colour scheme will you be going for?

Whatever you decide ensure there is a smooth flow from and into the connecting rooms.

Points to note are:

  • Common bathroom styles include Traditional and Modern
  • Common bathware fittings come in polished chrome or white.

But above all, there is not limit to your creativity.

3. Features

Before you start creating some rough design sketches, it is helpful to know what features your want included in the end result. Think about these sorts of questions:

  • What features does your new bathroom need?
  • Do you want a bath, shower or both?
  • What sort of shower head? Rain shower head or hand held spray type, or both?
  • How much storage does your bathroom require?

Answering these questions will help you create a list of features. The secret is to jot all your thoughts down, you can sort through and cross things off later if needed.

With your chosen style in mind revisit your list of features that you want to include. Depending on your style some may seem inappropriate while other may seem ideal. Whittle your list down to the essentials and a “maybe” list.

4. Design

At this point you may already have design ideas running through your head. Especially now that you have been thinking about the bathroom’s purpose, style and features.

To ensure you create a functional design it is important to know the dimensions of the space you are working with. If you will be re-positioning walls it may be challenging to know exact measurements. This is where professional help may be needed.

Once you have exact measurements you can start creating the design of what you would like. It is important that when including items to include in your design you can actually source those items. If such an item is no longer available it may cause other items to not fit into their allocated space.

The design phase is the most challenging and often best left to a bathroom designer. Such professionals have years of experience, know tricks of the trade and have vast access to sourcing all types of bath ware, materials and fittings needed to bring a thought to life.

5. Changes

Once you know the final design it is time to list all the required changes that will be needed to turn it into a reality. In essence how =much demolition needs to take place and how much rebuilding is required?

6. Get to Work

Depending on the size of your bathroom rebuild project there may be many trades required for the job. It is essential that the trades are performed in the right order to reduce costs and total time.

While you could manage all this by yourself and hire all the contractors needed for the job, such a task is best left to the professionals. After all this is what we do every day.

In Summary

Such a large job requires a lot of time and patience. It is important to set realistic end goals and have a clear budget in mind. We wish you all the best on your new bathroom adventure.

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