3 Crucial Elements for Your Bathroom Makeover Designs

by Jun 9, 2017Designs & Designers

Your bathroom is most likely the most visited room in your home. Both family and guests spend considerable “alone time” here and often it is inspected to the detail for tidiness.

So it should come as no surprise that one’s judgment of your bathroom considerably influences their opinion of the rest of your house. Accordingly, bathroom makeover designs should be given high priority by homeowners.

Whether doing partial touch ups, or a full overhaul such as a complete bathroom remodel, it is critical for homeowners to consider the below essential elements.

Who Will Be Using The Bathroom?

Your home’s bathroom essentialy has three primary users:

  1. The Homeowner – May have their own Master Bathroom
  2. Children and other Family Members – Usually use a large Family Bathroom
  3. Your Guests – They normally use a Guest bathroom

Of the three types, the Guest bathroom requires the least space while the Master or Family bathrooms often take up the most space. The Family bathroom often has a bathtub, for the children and is usually located close to the bedrooms.

In your bathroom makeover designs, you can make provisions for the guest bathroom to have the least storage space while the family one should include more sturdy and practical storage solutions. Your master bathroom can be designed to be a serene sanctuary for the homeowner and should also include ample cabinets, storage space, and customized fixtures.

Consider Décor and Style

Now that you have the use of your bathroom established, it’s important to consider which décor and style you want to include in your bathroom makeover design.

It is important that the décor and style of your bathroom makeover complements the overall theme of the home’s interior. Whether it follows a Traditional, Victorian or Country theme, a complementing décor will give your bathroom an edge.

The best way to know which style best suits your bathroom is by consulting an experienced bathroom remodelling firm such as NuDesign Bathroom Renovations. Alternatively, you can check out magazines or visit home shows and open houses to get good ideas.

Match with Colour and Lighting

The third element and perhaps most eye-catching element is colour.

Colours in bathroom makeover designs are influenced by the user, décor and style. Again, your choices should reflect the overall style and design theme of your entire home to prevent it from feeling out of place.

Here’s a rule of thumb.

Make smaller bathrooms feel more spacious by using brighter colours and mirrors to reflect more light.

As for the family bathroom, ensure that the bathroom makeover designs takes into account the fact that children grow up quick. Also remember that trends change fast. By remaining creatively neutral you can achieve a design that will stand the test of time. Particularly when it’s hard to update certain aspects such as changing the tiling.

Overall keep these three design elements in mind when creating your bathroom makeover designs. By doing so you’ll have a bathroom to cherish for a long time to come.

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