Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Gain More Space

by Feb 8, 2018Makeovers & Renovations

You need not be claustrophobic to feel the discomfort of a small bathroom. While you may have to give up on the thoughts of ever sinking in a bathtub, you can work on other fixtures, storage, and lighting and give your small bathroom an enormous feel.

If you are looking for ensuite or small bathroom renovation ideas, here are some tricks that’ll make your small bathroom feel more spacious.

Maximize use of Natural Light and Reflect Light for More Space

Keep your colours light; they work better. It’s not a must that you stick to white, but you can work with soft colours such as ivory or ash grey with a mix of sky blue. Avoid blocking light pathways and allow light to enter and reflect off the walls and floor as much as possible.

Mirrors come in handy and are additionally an indispensable ensuite renovation idea. Mirrors reflect light around a room and will make the bathroom look spacious. Mirrors are a must have for small bathrooms.

Work on the Fixtures and Accessories

How about these small bathroom renovation ideas. Use petite fixtures such as slender vanities, sinks and toilet bowls create an amazing illusion of space.

You don’t have to stick to one colour on the walls; you can have the bathroom decorated with vertical lines which also do a great job at creating the impression of space.

Be Creative with the Bathroom Door

Here’s a useful ensuite renovation idea, get rid of the hinged door and put up a sliding door.

It’s astonishing to discover the amount of space taken up by the door. What’s even more exciting is what you can do with all that space that’s available now.

If your windows are also hinged, consider replacing them with sliding windows and free up more space from your small bathroom.

Be Even More Imaginative with Storage

Unless it’s a grand and palace bathroom, storage will always be a concern in medium and small size bathrooms. When considering ensuite renovation ideas, try and slot in creative storage ideas such as a vanity with inbuilt in storage facility, open shelf storage for the towels

In Conclusion

Remodelling Small bathrooms can be difficult if you are not very creative. Spice your ensuite or small bathroom renovation ideas with concepts such as:

  • Let in as much light as possible
  • Use light colors and mirrors
  • Get the right size fixtures
  • Be creative with the doors and storage

Follow these tips and you’ll have a great start for gaining more space in your small bathroom makeover, all without having to totally rebuild the current space.

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