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Best Bathroom Scales in Australia

Woman standing with both feet on digital scales.

If you're looking for a new bathroom scale, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. But don't worry, we've done the hard work for you!

In this article, we'll walk you through choosing a bathroom scale, the features to look out for, and list the three best bathroom scales you can buy in Australia.

How to Choose a Bathroom Scale

There are hundreds of different bathroom scales available for purchase. From simple analog and digital scales to the more complex smart scales with body fat and hydration sensors.

But aside from all the marketing gimmicks, choosing the right scale comes down to these three things:

Accuracy & Consistency

First and foremost, you need a scale that's accurate and consistent.

It doesn't matter if it's a $40 scale or a $250 scale, what you need is a scale that gives you the same reading when you weigh yourself multiple times in the same period.

If your scale shows different amounts when your weight has not changed, it will not provide an accurate way to track your weight over weeks, months and years.

Digital or Analog?

Analog scales are also known as dial scales and they work through a spring mechanism that is connected to the dial with weight markings.

Digital scales, on the other hand, use sensors to weigh you. They give you a reading up to the decimal point which is much easier to read.

2013 study tested 61 scales and concluded that analog scales are less accurate than digital scales. However, an accurate analogue scale will always be better than an inaccurate digital scale.

In summary, if you choose a reliable brand, a digital scale is best.


This is where digital scales soar ahead. They can offer additional features like integrating into an app, body fat percentage, and even a hydration checker.

However, features like body fat percentage can often be inaccurate and can give you the wrong data. This is especially true for cheap products that offer this feature.

Also, expect these body composition readings to be inaccurate if you wear clothes when taking this measurement or if you have metal plates, screws or titanium rods in your limbs from surgical procedures.

Another point to note is that smart bathroom scales are usually more expensive than your regular digital ones to cover the additional circuitry and measurement devices.

Whether or not you choose a scale that has these additional "smart" features is up to you. But remember, the main reason for a bathroom scale is to accurately measure your weight.

3 Best Bathroom Scales in Australia

After some careful consideration, we have identified what we believe to be the three best bathroom scales according to the criteria above.

Note: We may earn commissions from purchases using the following product links. Learn more.

Withings Smart Body Scale

Image of Withings Smart Body Scale

First on the list is the Withings Smart body scale. The #1 selling smart scale in the US.

As per an independent laboratory test in August 2021, this scale was found to be the most accurate smart scale on the market.

What we like about this bathroom scale is that it automatically syncs with more than 100 top health and fitness apps. Not only can you see a graph of your weight trend on your phone, apple watch or device, but also on the scale itself.

The app itself is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It tracks your weight reading, the time you weighed and all the full body composition readings including muscle mass, body fat and water percentage. It even has a pregnancy tracker.

In addition, you can also set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget as well as get a daily weather report to help you plan your outdoor activities.

Its features, accuracy, and ease of use are what sets it apart from other bathroom scales. As we mentioned above, low-priced "smart" scales are often inaccurate. This is where you get what you pay for.

If you are looking for the best on the market then this is the one for you. At just under $200AU, this is on the higher end of bathroom scales. But for the accuracy and overall quality of the product, it is well worth it.

Etekcity Scale

Image of Etekcity Scale

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the one above, the Etekcity Scale is another best-selling bathroom scale on the market.

It measures 13 essential measurements including weight, body fat, body water, visceral fat, metabolic age and more.

It also automatically syncs with popular health apps including Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, Samsung Health, and My Fitness Pal.

In features, it is very comparable to the Withings Smart Body Scale, but only costs a fraction of the price.

Malama Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Image of Malama Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

If you are happy to skip the smart features and just want a precise bathroom scale that's affordable then the Malama Precision Bathroom Scale is for you.

It doesn't have all the fancy features we've talked about, just a good, precise weighing scale that you can keep in the bathroom. It is also very user-friendly and conveniently priced.


There you have it, the best bathroom scales in Australia.

Please note that there are so many other scales out there. Some are more expensive and some much less. However, as we've already discussed accuracy should be your main factor to consider before purchasing.

Next, you must decide what features your want to use and make sure it will connect to your phone or digital health tracking device.

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