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Lane Cove Bathroom Renovators

At NuDesign, we specialize in top-notch bathroom renovations in the beautiful Lane Cove area of Sydney.

We understand the unique architectural styles prevalent in this region and excel at designing bathrooms that perfectly suit these aesthetics.

Our commitment to using high-quality materials and our attentive, personalized service has earned us a reputation as the trusted bathroom renovation experts in Lane Cove.

Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation or a simple upgrade, our skilled team is ready to turn your bathroom renovation dreams into reality.

Get in touch with us today to start your journey towards a luxuriously renovated bathroom.

Feedback From Our Customers

Headshot of Steve Drummond
Steve Drummond

We recently had our Bathroom/ Laundry renovation done by the team at NuDesign. From the first meeting with Monnia, we were delighted with the great design ideas and flexible approach…

Headshot of Sean Thornton
Sean Thornton

NuDesign Bathroom Renovations team did an excellent job installing and re-tiling our new shower room. Very high quality craftsmanship with a real eye for detail. Very capable and very trustworthy….

Headshot of N M

I recommend NuDesign Bathroom Renovations as a returning customer. they helped me through the whole process of designing/ planing my bathroom and kitchen from … choosing materials that fit my…

Headshot of Alex Louzada
Alex Louzada

My bathroom had been renovated only 6 years ago by another company and Carlos accepted to redo the shower section that was poorly done by the other company and had…

Headshot of Rosemary Henzell
Rosemary Henzell

Carlos was amazing to work with for my bathroom renovation. It was my first time doing a reno and he was always there to answer questions and provide advice. He…

Headshot of Brett Maynard
Brett Maynard

Carlos renovated our two apartment bathrooms – great quality workmanship, professional service and backed up by quality supporting trades. Highly recommended. Carlos stands by his work and is easy to…

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Welcome to NuDesign Bathroom Renovations in Lane Cove

For years, NuDesign has been assisting homeowners in Lane Cove in creating the bathroom of their dreams.

We understand that a bathroom renovation is a major decision and investment, hence we provide a professional and personalized service right from the initial consultation through to the completion of the project.

Why Choose NuDesign for Your Bathroom Renovation in Lane Cove

We’ve built our reputation on quality, customer service and excellent workmanship. But what makes us stand out in the market?

Understanding Lane Cove’s Unique Architectural Style

Lane Cove boasts a mix of architectural styles from traditional to contemporary homes.

We’ve mastered the art of renovating bathrooms that match the specific aesthetic and functional needs of these varied architectural styles.

Plans for new bathroom with laying on top

High-Quality Materials for Every Bathroom Renovation

We source the highest quality materials for every project. By partnering with the best suppliers, we ensure your new bathroom not only looks stunning but is also built to last.

Experienced and Professional Design Team

Our design team is composed of seasoned professionals who stay abreast of the latest design trends. They bring creativity, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of space utilisation to every project.

Our Bathroom Renovation Process in Lane Cove

Our process is tailored to ensure that we meet our client’s expectations in every project.

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Home Visit

Every project begins with a consultation and home visit to understand your unique needs and preferences. This stage allows us to craft a design that perfectly suits your home and lifestyle.

Step 2: Detailed Bathroom Design Process

Based on your input, we develop a detailed design plan that aligns with your vision and budget. We take the time to review this plan with you, ensuring every detail is just right.

Client and designer looking over plans and options for renovation project.

Step 3: Renovation Execution

Our team of skilled craftsmen then get to work transforming your bathroom. We work diligently and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Step 4: Post-Renovation Support

After the project is complete, we provide ongoing support to ensure your renovated bathroom remains in perfect condition.

Lane Cove’s Housing and Renovation Trends

Knowing the local housing and renovation trends is essential in delivering a project that stands the test of time.

Popular Bathroom Styles in Lane Cove

From contemporary minimalistic designs to classic, timeless aesthetics, Lane Cove has it all. We understand these styles and how to seamlessly incorporate them into your home.

Understanding Lane Cove’s Demographics and Their Influence on Design Trends

Lane Cove’s demographics play a major role in shaping design trends in the area.

We factor in this knowledge when designing your bathroom, ensuring your new space will remain stylish and functional for years to come.

Very impressive newly renovated bathroom with free standing bathtub, large mirros and water views.

Common Questions About Bathroom Renovations in Lane Cove

We understand that you may have questions about the bathroom renovation process. Here, we answer the most common ones.

What Is the Typical Renovation Timeline?

The timeline for a bathroom renovation varies depending on the scope of the project. However, we strive to complete most bathroom renovations in Lane Cove within a few weeks.

What Are Common Bathroom Renovation Costs in Lane Cove?

Costs can vary based on the design complexity, materials chosen, and the existing condition of your bathroom.

During our initial consultation, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote so you know what to expect.

A hand working on a sink faucet.

Are There Any Local Regulations for Bathroom Renovations in Lane Cove?

Yes, certain local regulations apply to bathroom renovations in Lane Cove. As part of our service, we ensure all work is compliant with these regulations.

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