Secrets to Achieving Low-Cost Powder Room Renovations

by Feb 13, 2018Makeovers & Renovations

If you’ve been advised that there is no such thing as inexpensive powder room renovations, you need to get new friends. Or at least quit watching too many home improvement TV shows and get to the reality.

Here’s why you’ve been getting the wrong advice.

Most TV shows on powder room renovations create a picture that you need to tear down everything and replace it with first-rate materials. If that’s you, get in touch with NuDesign Bathroom Renovations to check your options without bursting your wallet.

Here are some secrets to low-cost powder room renovations that are comfortable and practical.

Consider Refurbishing not Replacing for Your Powder Room Renovation

When undertaking a powder room renovation, find materials, walls, and fixtures that are in good working condition and don’t need to be replaced.

For instance, if the lower section of walls has small nicks or holes, you can easily cover that up with pre-fab boards. However, the same is not applicable to deal with mold or mildew as these require a more intrusive approach.

The bathtub or shower, on the other hand, can be easily refinished to take care of surface yellowing or a few dings or fissures here and there.

Take Up Low Cost but Fabulous Replacement Alternatives

If the only way out for your tub is to replace it with a new one, consider a pre-fabricated unit. It costs much less than hiring people to build a unit from scratch.

Also, rather than going for a top-rated porcelain floor, think about innovations on old-school stuff such as luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). They still look fabulous, and the cost is amazingly lower.

Consider Painting the Powder Room Yourself

When repainting your entire house, it’s important to hire a professional tradesman. Your bathroom, on the other hand, is a small section of the house and it requires a little paint job.

Most of the surfaces of the walls are taken up by tiles, mirrors or showers.

Take a few lessons on how to do a good paint job in your bathroom, and do it yourself. You’ll add on to your skills and have lots of fun while at it.

Avoid Moving the Major Plumbing

To keep your powder room renovations costs low, avoid shifting the water supply or the drainage pipes. Such a move would significantly push up the cost of any powder room renovations project.

Take all steps that are humanly possible and safe to avoid this movement since moving major plumbing works is a meticulous job that often requires skilled tradesmen and demands a huge chunk of your powder room renovations budget.

Here’s the Bottom Line

The secrets to low-cost powder room renovation are hidden in your ability to search for alternatives and creativity. The four pointers mentioned above will guide you on what you can explore and save your wallet from the hemorrhage.

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