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Kitchen Renovations

Remodels & Makeovers
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We excell in complete kitchen renovations, completing all work from start to finish.
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Give Your Kitchen An Uplifting Makeover

As you may know, NuDesign specialise in bathroom makeovers. But you may not be aware that our team are equally as flawless with our kitchen renovations.

We ensure your home’s kitchen brings family members closer together by allowing efficient prepation of meals with the latest appliances.

Some consider the kitchen a place where to grab a bite to eat or a drink. However in true Masterchef style your kitchen should be a place that inspires creations to dazzle the culinary senses.

With so much time spent in your kitchen preparing meals for you and your loved ones you need a flowing layout with all the essential cooking utensils on hand.

If your kitchen is lacking these qualities sounds like you may need a kitchen remodelling to invoke new life.

Architectual house plans showing the bathroom with piping and other equipment

Custom Designs to Suit You!

We know all too well that every home and family are unique. This is why you need a custom design to suit your individual needs.

With professional desingers and experienced renovators, we create a kitchen layout perfectly suited to you and your property.
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Clean, Modern & Practical

Not all homes have the same space dedicated to a kitchen and not everyone uses their kitchen the same way. For instance large families are more likely to use their kitchen a lot more than a single person.

Your kitchen usage determines how much storage, preparation areas and the size of appliances you require.

There are essentials that every kitchen needs such as a fridge, kitchen sink, stove top and oven. But of course even these essentials involve many choices such as single or dual sink, various tapware, electric, gas or induction heating.

Then you have to decide if you want to include optional luxury items such as a dishwasher machine. After all these are becoming increasingly more common and more efficient in both energy and water consumption.

The best step forward is to talk with our designers to help you resolve some of your decisions.

By working closely with you, understanding your goals and the space you have to work with, our team can produce excellent options for your final design plans.

Typical newly renovated modern bathroom with shower, spabath, double sink and storage.

Complete Kitchen Renovations

Our team excel in total kitchen makeovers. This involves stripping everything back to the foundations of the room and rebuilding from scratch.

This is best to ensure complete waterproofing of your new kitchen. Plus you can gain a total new layout with new plumbing and electrical as needed.
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Superior Kitchen Renovations by NuDesign

Our renovators maintain their same high standards of work with every project be it a bathroom, laundry or kitchen renovation.

Also when you combine a kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation you ensure that your home has a consistent flow throughout.

For example, by using the same tapware, fittings and fixtures throughout your home you create a strong connection with each rooms environment.

You might even consider a neat trick of hiding your homes clothes washing machine in your kitchen to save space.

Let's create a custom design to suit your home and lifestyle. Rest assured we only use materials that can endure the stresses of modern day kitchen usage to provide many years of reliable service.

With experienced and highly skilled craftsmen NuDesign brings new life to your kitchen with a remodel or revamp. Once completed you will wonder why you left it so long to finally add functional value to your home.

Create The Kitchen of Your Dreams

Our professional and experienced renovators are ready to transform your kitchen into a masterpiece.
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