Practical Ideas for Your Guest Bathroom Renovation in Potts Point

by Jun 8, 2017Makeovers & Renovations

The first settlers named Potts Point as Woolloomooloo Hill. It’s an aboriginal word that means a place of plenty. The suburb has a vibrant history captured in its grand monuments and architecture within the magnificent mansions built in the late 19th century that house famous stars such as Russell Crowe.

A standing feature in these homes is their eye-catching guest bathrooms. Unfortunately, many guests’ powder rooms are often left out when doing bathroom renovations in Potts Point.

It’s a well-known fact, guests feel more at home where there’s a washroom that’s attractive and well prepared for their use. With this in mind, here are four practical ideas for your guest bathroom renovation in Potts Point.

Give it A Comfortable Feel

Comfort is the key objective of any guest bathroom renovation, especially in Potts Point.

Keep your guest restroom modest and beautiful whilst also being as practical as possible.

Choose neutral colours such as off white shades for your guest bathroom renovation in Potts Point. Also, avoid décor that makes the room look ‘busy.’ Go for simple but classy décor. Take note to stay away from complicated contraptions and ensure that there is air flow.

Take Care of the Toilet

Although most of your guests won’t mind a standard lavatory, they can be a bit cumbersome for the elderly or disabled.

To get around this, you can get in touch with bathroom renovations companies in Potts Point that are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and experienced with the Australian Standard AS 1428.1-2009. We at NuDesign Bathroom Renovations can design and put up toilets that address the needs of these vulnerable groups of people while keeping them comfortable for the rest of your guests.

Also, install a toilet with a large, strong flush. It’ll save you plumbing problems and your guests’ embarrassment.

Have an Easy to Clean and Neat Counter

Pedestal sinks add a great look to your guest bathroom, complement this look with a clean and neat counter space. Your guests will love some space where they can put their toiletries, and if something accidentally spills, it’s not a bother. They can wipe away the mess with ease.

Consider using marble or granite for the counters in your guest bathroom renovation in Potts Point. Use dark colours; you’ll love the look, and your guests will enjoy the utility.

Keep It Simple & Stylish

Your guests will be more comfortable using a simple and clean bathroom than one that isn’t. But by making your guest bathroom slightly stylish it will turn heads and add to the use experience.

To conclude, make your guests feel more at home with a comfortable and attractive bathroom. Use these ideas to make your guest bathroom renovation in Potts Point a sensational experience.

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