5 Thinking Points for Your Double Bay Bathroom Renovation

by Jun 6, 2017Makeovers & Renovations

Are you planning to do bathroom renovations in Double Bay?

Renovating your Double Bay bathroom is an exciting project to undertake. Whether it’s is a simple bathroom or a master ensuite, you must take due diligence.

Run through your concerns logically before you start tearing down the bathroom. Figure out where to start, what permits are needed, what’s your budget, functionality, and the value that such a project will add to your home.

Here are five important questions to run through and address to ensure your bathroom makeover is a success.

Where To Start?

It sounds like a rather obvious question. Nevertheless, it’s important to address. For any bathroom renovation project, you must be clear on where to start and finish.

When you are doing bathroom renovations in Double Bay, a good place to start is with doing research. What things do you want to change and want do you want to achieve. Think about what features your newly renovated bathroom should possess.

Need ideas? Check out bathroom designs online or in magazines like Better Homes and Gardens.

Also, be realistic with what are willing to spend on your project. Professional bathroom renovations typically fall in the range or $10,000-$25,000. Any less and you are most likely doing a partial renovation. Any more would allow you to use the highest quality and latest and greatest products.

Do You Need Permits?

The extent and kind of work you want to do determines if you’ll require a permit. Throughout all of Australia, any bathroom renovation that requires plumbing or electrical work needs to be completed by a licensed professional.

Also, if you are making adjustments to the load bearing columns or beams of your home, you’ll need a permit.

Before undertaking bathroom renovations in Double Bay, familiarize with the building codes and ensure your project complies. It’ll help you to avoid fines or insurance issues in the future.

Is it Possible to Get a New Look on a Tight Budget?

Having a fresh look bathroom on a tight budget is possible. The secret is up-cycling. To achieve this, look for second-hand fixtures like bathtubs up for sale online or in trade-in style shops. A simple job of refinishing a bathtub or re-glazing the tiles will significantly cut down your bathroom renovations costs.

Can You Make a Small Bathroom More Spacious?

Before you start wondering about making the bathroom spacious, address these two areas of concern.

  • What is the floor area of the bathroom?
  • What function do you want the new bathroom to serve?

The first question is pretty straight forward. You can measure the area manually or use Apps such as HomeSizer to get right size estimates.

Functionality is a more complex issue to address. Is it the guest bathroom or master bathroom? Would you want a bathroom to be shared by siblings? Do you need more space or just want to create a ‘spacious feel’?

If you require some extra square footage, consider using adjacent spaces such as a closet or hallway. If you want to create a spacious feel, work on the décor, style of fixtures, the colours and the lighting.

Will a Bathroom Renovation Enhance Your Double Bay Home’s Value?

A bathroom renovation in Double Bay will most certainly increase the value of your home. However, don’t get too ambitious to exceed the neighbourhood’s range. Bathrooms are a great selling point and the quality of workmanship, as well as the square footage of the bathroom, will significantly influence your home’s value.

Exhaustively answering these questions will make your bathroom renovations project in Double Bay an exciting and satisfying undertaking. We wish you all the best and encourage you to speak with our professional bathroom design and renovation team to get more ideas.

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