Amazing Tips on Bathroom Tiling Makeovers From The Pros

by Jun 16, 2017Makeovers & Renovations

Is your bathroom tiling in good condition but the surfaces are starting to show signs of wear? Are bathroom resurfacing costs not palatable for you right now? If you have a toddler in the house and they often end up in the bathroom with their toy army trucks trying out their amphibious qualities, there’s no need to look disillusioned.

If what you are looking for is a restoration of good aesthetics, here are some fantastic ideas on bathroom tiling makeovers as told by the pros.

Repaint Old Tiles

If the damage is due to spills or stains that are just surface deep, repainting is a great option to consider. It’s less costly as compared to resurfacing your bathroom tiles and you can do it yourself.

If you don’t have the gift of doing handy work, it’ll probably be worth getting a professional painter. While it may cost you a more initially, you’ll most likely save the embarrassment of dealing with noticeable bodges on your diy bathroom tiling makeover attempt.

Spray painting using epoxies is best for this kind of job. Where you can, get a pre-packaged tub and tile kit such as Rust-Oleum and follow the instructions to the letter, especially when waiting for the epoxy to cure. Online bathroom resurfacing reviews prove that wrong application frequently ends up in wrinkled surfaces.

Camouflage The Ugly With Decoration

Decorating around stained tiles could give a reasonable disguise that has an artistic appeal. Hopefully, with a few strokes of colour here and there, you can distract the eye from the ugly tiles and update the look and feel of your bathroom.

This requires a sense of art so if you don’t have this, avoid painting it yourself. Get a fine local artist to have a look, paint a model and if you are happy, you can achieve a simple bathroom tiling makeover.

Re-Glaze Your Way to a Bathroom Tiling Makeover

Consider re-glazing your dull tiles to give you a complete transformation. In some cases, re-glazing tiles can provide them with an entirely new colour and while at it, you can re-glaze the bathtub. How does that sound for an added, pocket-friendly makeover?

Re-glazing is best performed by skilled professionals and it normally takes a short time (about 24 hours), and the results last for up to five years.

Re-Tile For Best and Longest Lasting Results

If your purpose is to have a more permanent and noticeable transformation, re-tiling is the best alternative. It’s a serious commitment and long-term investment in a bathroom tiling makeover. Also you can achieve totally different layout appearances by moving from small to large tiles or vice versa.

Although it costs more and takes longer, you’ll be sure of permanent results and better value for your home. You can get a free quote for a bathroom tiling makeover from any local remodeling companies. Better still, you can get a free quote of a complete bathroom makeover from us, NuDesign Bathroom Renovations.

To wind up, bathroom tiling has a great impact on how your room looks. If you need a bathroom tiling makeover, use the above tips to give your powder or bath room a much-needed transformation.

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