4 Top Rated Apps for Modern Bathroom Renovation Projects

by Jun 9, 2017Technology

Bathroom design isn’t anything new, it’s been in practice for several decades. Today however, modern bathroom renovation projects have taken the tech turn. Nowadays many homeowners manage their tasks and decisions on their smartphones, so why not use your device for your bathroom design too?

Apps used in modern bathroom renovations can help you to stay organized, keep to your budget, track your expenses, figure out space available in your bathroom, design and preview what your bathroom will look like.

Below are four top rated Apps you can use for your modern bathroom renovation project today which can make the whole process easier.

App #1 – Evernote For Organisation

Modern bathroom renovation projects are an array of activities. Thankfully, modern technology has a solution for keeping track and managing all those tasks.

Evernote is the king of organisational tools. With this App, you can seamlessly schedule activities on your bathroom renovations project.

The App works on any smart device including smartphones and computers, and you can sync between devices. With Evernote, you can share notes with other users and save web page clippings.

You can use this app to share notes with companies that you may be dealing with as part of your bathroom renovation project. Plus, you’ll probably continue using the app long after finishing the bathroom renovation project.

App #2 –  Renovation Budget Tracker

Modern bathroom renovations can take away a sizeable chunk from your bank account. Any financial adviser will suggest you create a budget for the project before you dip in. Keeping track as you go is then key to avoid overspending.

When considering to undertake a modern bathroom renovation project, the Renovation Budget Tracker App by DKDesign should be first on your mind.

This app helps you to:

  • Customize categories and lists which are unique to modern bathroom renovations
  • Create an initial budget
  • Record payments and receipts
  • Track the overall cost throughout the project.

App #3 – Home Sizer For Space Estimation

Knowing the size of your bathroom (in square meters) is essential when it comes to planning for your modern bathroom renovation. For some bathrooms finding the actual size may be easy however oddly shaped rooms can present a challenge.

Fortunately we found an app that can help.

Home Sizer is a tool designed by Armchair Design which is valuable in estimating the size of your bathroom and determining the size of fixtures. Such information is useful when engaging a contractor, or calculating the volume of tiles you’ll need. You can also get a more accurate size of your cabinets and vanity. While not free this app only costs $1 and is well worth it.

App #4 – 3D Bathroom for IKEA For Visualising Your New Bathroom Design

3D Bathroom for IKEA offer a fast and captivating way to indulge in your bathroom design fantasies. The app allows you to take a photo of your existing bathroom and then you can play around with the image in the app. You can add items from the entire IKEA range which may mean you end up getting these products, but you don’t have to.

By creating a design that you are happy with you can then share it with friends and family for feedback and eventually with a bathroom renovator or contractors.

The app is free to try but only for a limited time. They then offer paid upgrades to keep using. Which is a bit annoying however it’s a great way to visualize your construction dream before you start destroying or committing to anything.

Here’s The Bottom Line

Technology has made modern bathroom renovation projects easier to manage and visualize. The Apps mentioned above are just a few of the thousands of useful (and some not so) apps available. Using these or other apps properly can help greatly in getting started, visualising what you want to achieve, sticking to budget and ultimately create a better outcome as a result.

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